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Full Version: Posting Logs? Read This Now!
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Posting Logs? Read This Now! - RyanTheAllmighty

If your posting logs such as issues with a pack when it crashes, then please follow these rules.

If it's for a client then click the Upload Log button on the console and it gives you a link. If it's a server then you want the ForgeModLoader-server-0.log file.

If you have a crash log or are copy pasting text from a console window (such as the LaunchServer.bat/.sh file) then paste it into Pastebin and provide the URL.

If for whatever reason the log will not upload from the Upload Log button, then please use the Copy Log button and provide a LINK to it posted on something like DropBox or Pastebin. Else you can ATTACH it to the post by clicking on the New Reply button and there is a space for attaching files there.

DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT, copy and paste the logs text into the post even when using spoiler tags. You must provide the URL for the client log and attach the server log if it's for a server. Never paste the contents of your log to your post as it will be removed and warnings given.

Getting logs when launcher wont start
If the launcher won't start, upload the contents of the file 'ATLauncher-Log-1.txt' found in the folder where the ATLauncher.jar/.exe is and put it onto and provide a link to the page it's on. If there are no logs there then see below for debugging steps

To run the debugging script, please download one of these files into the root directory where the ATLauncher.exe/.jar is and run that file which will generate a debug.txt file which you can upload the contents of that file AND the ATLauncher-Log-1.txt to and provide a link to the page it's on. DOWNLOAD LINKS FOR DEBUGGING SCRIPT. DOWNLOAD THE ONE FOR WHICHEVER ATLAUNCHER DOWNLOAD YOU USE: ATLauncher.exe or ATLauncher.jar

Just a note that the debug script will not censor your account details, such as access tokens, install paths, username etc, so if you're not comfortable with that, make sure to put it somewhere private, such as a PM to me or via DropBox or some other file sharing site which it can be deleted from, and of course don't share the link publicly. We will NOT be held responsible for you not reading this and your private details thus going public.

If you fail to follow this, you will be given a warning and your log deleted. We are sick of people not reading and following simple rules.

So please for the sake of fixing your problem and not adding more stress onto moderators and users, follow these simple rules.

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