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Full Version: Forum Rules - Updated 8th December 2014
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Forum Rules - Updated 8th December 2014 - RyanTheAllmighty

When using these forums, please be sure to follow these simple rules or you will get warnings and could be banned.
  • Don't paste logs into your thread. If you have logs, then post them as described here. If you paste the contents of your logs in your thread or as a reply, even when in spoiler tags, those logs will be removed and a warning given.
  • Don't post useless polls. Posting polls where it makes sense is fine, but posting polls which have no added meaning to the topic, such as 'Does this issue also occur for you' or other type polls, will be removed.
  • Post in the correct forum. If your post/issues is about a specific ModPack, post it in that ModPacks forum. If it has no forum the. Put it in the 'All Other Packs' forum
  • Don't hijack threads. If you are posting in an existing thread that is RELATED, and not just, 'Well this is a thread with a crash in it, I'll post mine in it', NO. Post a new thread if there are no related threads, otherwise don't just post in another unrelated thread.
  • When posting issues, post as much details as possible. The less information you provide, the longer your issue will take to resolve.
  • English only. We are an English community only. All non English posts will be removed and warnings given.
  • Respect everyone. Show respect and kindness to all. If you have an issue with someone or something someone said, report the post or PM that user.
  • Be Patient! Do not be impatient and bump threads if you don't get a response. People have jobs and lives and we do this for free, so respect that.
  • Keep it PG-13 at all times. There may be young people here or people who are offended by language, so keep it clean.
  • No Promotions. Please do not promote your website/service without first consulting RyanTheAllmighty otherwise your post will be removed and a warning given.
  • No Payments Ever. We don't allow you to charge people for a service/product or offer money to people for a service/product. This leads to too many issues regarding scams and we just don't allow it at all.
These rules may change at anytime, so please keep an eye on the announcement for changes.
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