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Full Version: 1.6.4 Update
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We are currently updating the Redwood pack to 1.6.4

If you have any ideas or surgestions pls go ahead.

They may or may not be considered Smile

no promises....
Is there a particular concept or theme you are going for? (Other than good mods in, shit mods out...)

Are you looking for opinions on well known mods like Dartcraft, Ender IO, etc to help decide whether to put them in.. or do you know what you want/don't want and are looking for suggestions of mods you may not know of or may have overlooked?

Do you have an initial list to work off of?


Sorry I've been absent recently. Been playing lots of Path of Exile and had some life crap come up.. hoping to make a glorious return upon the reset of Redwood Server!
ermmm no idea...

i just asked to see what people would say then id discuss with Alan.
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