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Full Version: Come play on Technode!
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This is not a server for the weak. Everything that can be set to hard mode has been. You will find the usual suspects of mods and a good number of new ones. A lot has changed for 1.6.x and you will find a lot to do and play with. We do have Gregtech in all its evil glory, but there are other options for you if Greg is not your thing. Our modpack is full of toys for the tech heads, the mages, the geeks, the agriculturalists, the bioengineers and the builders.

It is hard but fair. The ore generation has been tweaked so you can build without spending all of your time mining. We have Prism event logging, LWC and Residence to help protect all that you do on the server. We have a strict no griefing or raiding policy, so you can be sure your hard work will not be wasted.

Technode is a greylist server. So you can install the pack and come checkout the server before applying for build rights. You do however have to register on the forums in order to install the client modpack.

We're a group of older modded MC veterans who've been Mods and Admins on some big servers. We think we've put together a great set of mods, plugins, policies and maps to make Technode a great experience.

Come checkout our forums for details on the server, what mods we have in our pack and register to install the pack and come checkout the server.

The server has had a very successful launch and in the past 2 weeks have seen our community grow.

The dragons are dead (2 dragons? really), but there are concerns their may be others hiding on the asteroids beyond our reach. We've encountered and killed a number of withers, but they seem to grow stronger with every battle as they learn our ways.

Soon we will have an event world where players can practice their shovel skills and fighting skills in the spleef and PVP arenas (all for fun of course).

There is so much still to do, explore and conquer. So come join us.
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