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Full Version: Desolate Wasteland need quick update/fix
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After the last update where Project Red was removed it left some items without a crafting recipe due to the Nikolite being no more.
So my question is when there's gonna be an update that makes the recipes which makes it possible to make the recipes again, without nikolite?
I will be pushing out a update soon. thank you

Ok I have taken a look at recipes before i removed ProjectRed and there is not recipes that need Nikolite. Can you please provide a screen shot of the recipes that are missing.
A couple more problems, you can't make an immersive engineering or forge hammer without finding creosote in a chest or using the railcraft coke oven because you need a hammer to form the immersive engineering coke oven. You also need a thermionic fabricator to make the tin electrode for the rolling machine, but you need a rolling machine to make the steel plates in order to -get- the metals chest needed to make the fabricator. (which is such an insanely expensive machine for so early in the game by the way.)

This one is personal preference, but the mob options mod is insane is a bad way... going to the nether suddenly has everything at 500+ health. And you need materials there to progress. You don't know fear until a firebat with 400 health is eating your face and you only have a 8 attack damage sword to fight back...
A update has been pushed to fix the hammers along with other issues.
Now Chaoscraft produces a crash on 0.5 for wing rendering. Possibly something to do with NEI?
ok Nicktendo please start a new thread and post the crash report please.
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