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Full Version: Update Order
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As some of you may know, SC 1.8.9 mods are being updated in a sort of "order" of themes. This is the order that I have planned out:
~Vanilla + ~ (out now)

If you'd like to comment to push up the release of one of these versions, feel free.

Note: Every new 1.8.9 version will include all mods from previous 1.8.9 versions.

Thanks for playing!
Actually you may want to do magic before builder and tech (in that order). From what I've found out so far the magic mods are more stable than builder and tech mods at this time. Architecturecraft and Chisels & Bits being the two builder mods that are exceptionally stable now. Some of the recent magic mods and ports also have enhanced building methods (Thaumcraft 5, Psi, and the port of Botania). Here's an interesting question: Will "mobs" be a separate category on the updates? A lot of mods include them, but a few seriously focus on them. I've heard directly from Lycanite that he will be skipping the 1.8 cycle and aim right for 1.9, so consider his mod(s) as currently on hiatus. After getting rid of the In-game Info mod the Vanilla+ version seems stable. Think I should start checking in to adding new mods to test on it yet?
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