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Full Version: Journey to the Core stuck, help needed
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Got into the caves, got a number of quests done. I was working through the Survival part of the book, and completed the "All the Wood!" quest, which gave me a block of iron. So far so good. So I continue along and get to the quest "Armor Upgrade"

I took the iron block and crafted it to 9 iron ore, and then crafted that into 32 chains.

Figuring I would get more iron later on, I went ahead and turned those in, so I could free up the slot in my inventory.

What I was not aware of, was that the flint pickaxe, once upgrading itself to be able to mine copper, would not upgrade itself to be able to mine iron. So I kept mining and mining and mining, all the while my skill level kept going up but never the mining level.

So I finally went to google because I was stumped as to how to get to where I could mine iron. I found that I could only mine iron with an iron pickaxe or better. Well, that's great, except that I have no iron. So I go look up what all is better, because I have some other ingots (aluminum, copper, ferrous and gold)...

Ok, ferrous is better. So then I go look up how to make a ferrous pickaxe head.

Guess what... I need SEARED BRICKS to make a tool forge. Well, I can only get seared bricks by completing the quest "Clayplainers" which requires 8 CLAY... Which can only be made by combining 2 dirt... with a BUCKET of water... Which can only be made out of IRON...

So... I'm out of ideas. Please, if anyone has an idea how I can get the seared bricks made, then I can make a tool forge, and make the ferrous pickaxe head, and get the iron mined to complete other quests.
Well, I got some good news.

In case anyone else runs across this later on...

Each level of tool (pick, shovel, etc) has one upgrade through use. So your basic flint tool will upgrade from stone to copper. You swap out the flint head for a copper one once you get that through quest progression, and then that will upgrade after using it for some time, so that you can mine iron with it. I am well on my way to finishing the caves now that I found that out.

And side note: You can repair the copper pick at a tool station, you don't need a tool forge... At least not yet.
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