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Full Version: Desolate Wasteland - Metallurgic Infuser requires its own output to craft?
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I've seen a few issue reports concerning the metallurgic infuser in Desolate Wasteland, but this may be different. Either that or I've missed something.

The recipe shows up in NEI and the metallurgic infuser appears to be craftable, but it requires refined obsidian--which can only be made by the metallurgic infuser (at least according to NEI).

Is that how it's supposed to work? If so, how am I supposed to go about this?

Awesome mod pack, btw. It really hits that sweet spot of being exceptionally difficult but not a complete troll (I'm looking at you, Journey to the Core). I like the way you actually need to use practically every mod in the pack to progress rather than just doing half of it for quest rewards. Made me take a real look at probably a dozen mods I'd otherwise ignored up to now.

P.S. - I too am anxious for an update on those uncraftable IC2 batteries so I can start working towards a jetpack. I'm going to feel like a scrub until I can get some means of flight.
So has anyone else playing this pack managed to get a metallurgic infuser built?

To clarify on the issue, the crafting recipe for the infuser requires an alloy smelter, and it's actually that alloy smelter that can't be made without the infuser due to the refined obsidian requirement. Seems like one of these two recipes is a mistake.

I suppose I could just sacrifice some materials in the trash can and cheat it in, but I really don't want to start down that path. It is supposed to be craftable in this pack, right?
Well, I'm an idiot. Somehow this whole time, despite all the places I looked for a workaround, it turns out the normal, totally doable recipe was one click over in NEI under shaped mekanism crafting. I cannot freakin' believe it.

Consider this case-closed, filed under noob mistake.
I found this same loop... the only thing is in my example is that with the Mekanism shaped recipe, it shows it, you input the items, it shows the infuser in the output box... but you can't pick it up... drag it, click it... it won't work.

Highly frustrating.
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