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Full Version: Looking For A SolitaryCraft Server/Hosting Company? See Here For Details:
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Here is where you guys get to put your servers, if you have a SolitaryCraft server and would like to open it up to the public and are looking for people to join, this is the place!!

Also a massive piece of news for SolitaryCraft, a server hosting company has now got SolitaryCraft as part of their 1 click installs, this is including the very latest recommended release.
If you are interested you can find them here:
It's highly recommended if you are going to get a SolitaryCraft server or run a SolitaryCraft server that you go for 2gb of ram otherwise you WILL run into problems.
Please be aware that if you are wanting to run anything other than the recommended modset then you will have to have knowledge of how to use FTP or at least want to learn it.
But guys, SolitaryCraft now has a server hosting company with a 1 click install! How awesome is that! Tell them I sent you Smile
Hello SolitaryCrafters!

Running a SolitaryCraft server has never been this easy. Have your server up and running in seconds and profit.

We have a special promotion just for you. Get your server now and along with 15% off your first month with us.
Use the promo code SOLITARYCRAFT during your checkout to receive this special discount.

Contact us on our website or twitter for more information.
I would like to recommend TheSmelter. They are A excellent provider for any of your minecraft needs. Currently using them as my provider for PathosCraft, A SolitaryCraft server with some major plans!

Support- A+
Pricing- A
Hardware- A
These guys have been nothing less then the best provider I have ever used in my 2 years of Modded Minecraft server running.
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