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Full Version: Hi everyone ^^ Theme creator here
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Hello! ^.^

I'm AlgorithmOne. Or Alg. AO. Al. KiKi. You get the gist of it.

I'm new to the forums and to ATLauncher. It's stability vs Technic Launcher's (for my pc anyway) is what first drew me in after I installed.

And then I found out there's theme support!

So I've spent the last handful of hours messing around with theme creation; and it's going fairly well!

Basically; I want to create custom themes for you guys, alongside my own theme releases. The themes I custom make won't be posted on the forums unless asked to by the person that asked for the theme; thinking about releasing a pack of themes at some point.

If you are interested, send me a PM and a friend request. In the message, tell me:
  • What font you would like; it can be one font for every aspect of the launcher or you can send me links for multiple fonts and I'll work my magic! MUST BE A TRUE TYPE FONT. (file extension is .ttf)

    The fonts editable are:
    1. Tab font
    2. Button font
    3. Console Font
    4. Default font
  • What elements you would like to change\what colors to use


    The elements that support color edits are:
    1. Base color
    2. Text color
    3. Button color
    4. Selection color
    5. Dropdown Menu Selection Color
    6. Hover Border color
    7. Mod Selection Background Color
    8. Mod Info Panel Color
    9. Tab Background Color
    10. Instance Color
    11. Corrupted Instance Color
    12. Console Text Color
    13. Console Log Info Text Color
    14. Console Log Warning Text Color
    15. Console Log Error Text Color

    POSSIBLY THE ICONS (Github, Reddit, Twitter, etc.) I don't know yet. I'm still in the process of editing the images (not replacing), and I'm not even halfway done with them, so I'll update this thread when I find out. Hopefully it works, though. Lot of trial and error and backtracking with this. File confusion like none other; multiple copies of everything so I don't lose any progress.

  • Lastly;

    This will take time. I've put probably 5-6 hours into just MY main theme, and I'm not satisfied yet. I don't know how many people are going to request a theme, if any; but please be patient.

    Thank you all for reading! ^^

    I'll update this post with pictures of my main theme later; it isn't ready for public eyes yet.

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