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Full Version: My Server (WhiteList)
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Hello! I am not sure I am allowed to post a server on here or anything, but I am going to try anyways! I am looking for players to play this wonderful mod pack with on a friendly community. This is a WHITELIST server; therefore, it requires an application.

- Be Respectful
- Use Common Sense
- Have Fun
- No Griefing


Favorite Modpack:
Why should I accept you?:
Skype: (If you are uncomfortable with giving it in public, either email me or skype me or private message me)

Ways to send application (I would recommend doing all three just in case one does not go through properly!):

- Skype: TheCantStopMe (Jakob) or [email protected]
- Email: [email protected]
- Private Message me on here

Thanks for applying! Hope to see you on the server sometime soon!
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