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Full Version: [Homestead] Blackened Screen Bug
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During my session in Homestead, I managed to dig diagonally downward into a ravine, where I mined what seemed to be a small piece of coal(?) ore. Upon heading back up the tunnel I had created, the entire screen went black.

I could still move my character, but could not see anything it was doing.

This HAS happened before, usually when diving underwater, my screen blacks out for a split second and reappears the next as if nothing had happened.

I checked the log for anything suspicious, but cold not locate anything. It did NOT seem to be a crash, rather a graphical bug of some sort.

As for my Optifine options, here are the changes I made (excluding default settings.)
-> Smooth Lighting OFF
-> Maximum Brightness
-> Smooth FPS ON

The rest of the settings are at DEFAULT.

I have already looked through the FAQ and Rules before posting this.
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