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Full Version: Trollcraft freezing on the Mojang loading page.
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Hey guys,
My friend has been trying to play trollcraft but whenever he launches the game, during the forge loading screen where it has the 7 steps with the hammer logo on the bottom right of screen it freezes and his game starts not responding. Sometimes, he finishes the 7 steps and it goes to the mojang symbol but then it freezes and his game starts not responding. He is using windows 10. I have downloaded the modpack and it works fine for me (i'm on windows 7). If any people could help it would be fantastic.
The logs I attached are from when it froze at around 4/7 during the forge loading screen. Not sure if I posted it correctly and it was copied using notepad. This has happened for three days straight and no matter how many times he reinstalls it or restarts the launcher, the problem still remains. He even has tried the new twitch app launcher where we played another modpack but that modpack was in 1.6.4 (maybe thats why it worked?). However, he cannot download trollcraft on the twitch app as it says something roughly around the lines of 'addon install error' and 'timeout while installing this modpack'.

Also, we checked the quick solutions page and we changed the 'enabled' thing to false in the file in the configs folder of the modpack. Though it seems to have gone past the 7/7 forge loading screen, his game freezes and starts not responding at the mojang screen. I did not know which subforum to post this in and I have posted it both on the 'atlauncher support' forum and this forum.
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