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Full Version: Update - Servers and Curse Modpacks
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Version of ATLauncher has just released adding in 2 new features.

First there is now a Servers tab on the launcher. New servers that you create through the launcher will now show up in the Servers tab and will allow you to launcher, backup and delete servers. No more will you need to go into the folder manually and figure out how to run the server you just created.

While most people will probably want to run servers on another computer or host, this allows those wanting quick and simple servers running in minutes.

The second feature is the ability to install Curse modpacks within ATLauncher. While ATLauncher is, and always will be about showcasing community packs built on the platform, Curse is a major platform with a lot of packs. Trying to ignore Curse is a futile task, so we've added the ability to install packs within ATLauncher.

Simply visit the Packs tab and click the new Add Curse Pack and paste in a CurseForge modpack url or zip file and ATLauncher will install the pack for you like any other pack on ATLauncher.

There will not be an interface to browse and install packs like there is for ATLauncher packs, but this feature will allow for users who wish to just install and play the odd pack from Curse directly within ATLauncher, without the need for another launcher.

If you find any issues with these new features, or have any feedback, please let us know in our Discord server.
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