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Should Gregtech be removed from the server?

I know there are is large portion of us who don't like to play with gregtech and with the recent server instabilities I would like to post a poll to remove gregtech from the server. now before people start QQing about there machines that have already build they would be refunded and or replaced with the IC2 equivalent with no cost to you.
I am afraid of voting, lol
Its cool for new ppl(which come on the server and do not like gregtech either) cause Gregtech is annoying
>but the only thing i needed were 5 Steel from Joey to get started tbh< and now i have my Qsuite with Gravichest and solarhelmet, after 1month playing every day. So its really not that hard to get going but if you are new on the server you need to be communicativ (or how you spell that) atleast how much i was Tongue Smile
Im against Gregtech, i do not like this mod cause its making and changing so much stuff. Recently he changed the Bronze recipe and i could srsly yell at him..

So, i have no problem if it gets removed or if gregtech stays
I think it should stay. It's the only mod that changes the end game and length of time playing for me from a week to at least a month. Gregtech paired with the fact there is no longer a mining age to me is very balanced as it makes people work for what they need and doesn't make then OP and bored in a week.

And I also highly doubt that it's Gregtech causing server instability. What proof is there?
Im not bored but i dont race to get every single machine built... I just plod along. But I dont lke gregtech but understand that some do.

Shame he cannot make his mod client based rather than server. Guessing people having different recipes for the same item wouldn't work.
I have the same opinion as Bob. Client side rather than server side would fix the problem. But that's likely not to happen, if it was even possible. The only thing that really aggravates me about Greg Tech is some recipes are just stupid to make. For instance why the hell do I need 32 damn pieces of Industrial TNT to make Iridium plates. The recipe is the same other than the stupid Implosion Compressor. Does anyone even use it for anything else? Just my opinion. I can say for sure on my daughters server and my single player it is not installed.
Come on paint, those poll answers are written by someone obviously so biased against GregTech. You say, and I quote "Yes - I want to make the server more stable and overall more enjoyable for everyone" this in itself is a matter of opinion and you are already trying to influence a 'Poll' which is meant to be a fair thing.

I vote no, without GregTech the server would have long ago got boring as many other servers do without it
what is GregTech Huh
im not on the server anymore and i know that but i still want to vote,
in my point of view its a lot better to have gregtech cuz im playing now with 2 friends on a server and we don't have gregtech and we started 3 days ago and now i have already an fully automated gravichestplate+qsuit factory
it makes the game much much much longer AND funnyer Smile
I waned to vote for NO, but somehow I pressed yes, I was reading comments, and in the end I was thinking Yes, the Greg should stay Smile so, I pressed yes Sad
My vote is no, & not the dumb ass answer no that has been supplied, I repeat as Haigh said. Answers are heavily biased.

Gregtech adds a lot more playtime to IC2 and other mods, if things are taking ages go play with one of the other 140 odd mods in the mean time.

Also on a stability side stop complaining to the server mods/Solitarycraft peoples and complain to greg, the bug is his. The fact that a bug as serios as 'server crash when using wrench like a dumbass' is still in place shows it needs solving as an overall problem, not a server problem.

OH also don't forget we now have a support address for when the server actually dies.
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