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Full Version: Redwood Magicality Server (Redwood Members Only)
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Hey guys! Toffman (Haighyorkie) here. This thread is aimed at the people that have already been accepted into the Redwood server so if you haven't been accepted then please ignore this for now Smile

A few people from the Redwood Server not so long ago helped me with a test I was wanting to get done for a while. How would a server that I personally host cope with a certain amount of players? Well it actually turned out pretty well with even the Americans having little block lag (at least for the moment)

This test was for a Magicality Server run by myself, it was quite fun too. I dont know much about the magical mods involved in this pack so it was good to be in a boat where I was like...WTF is this flying spider web shooting flameballs at me? or WTF is this dude here that looks like half the textures are missing? or Holy Shit did Alan just die again?

I'd like to create a new series that will be going onto my youtube channel right from the start showing our exploits into the Magicality Pack, the test went well and I was wondering who (that is currently already part of Redwood) would be interested in joining me on this journey?

A few things to note guys is that because it's going to be run by myself there will be set times when the server is up and be available to play on (it's not going to be 24hr like the Redwood SC server) Also that everything we will be doing on that server will be as a whole group, there will be no splintering groups or solo play on this server (believe me when I say it will be a lifesaver when it comes to the bosses in Divine RPG). IC2 and forestry are in this pack but NOTHING from either mod will be used by anyone apart from the bees in forestry (this is a magic pack and i'd like to keep everything magic based, the bees from Forestry are used to get Thaumic Bees, which are magical Tongue)

So before I go ahead now and set up times and such for the server who would be interested in something like this? The last thing I would like is me to be wondering around on a server with just myself for company!
I'd sure like to try it!
That sounds interesting !
I was actually thinking of trying the magicality pack.
It would be good to see you both there Smile I'm going to give it a while before I start so I know if people are interested but I will be posting a time on here for when we are to start Smile It would also be nice to do things a s a team and not spread out all over the map
I'd be interested for sure Smile count me in
im game so sign me up i will be there as long as im not working
Could be quite fun, if you ask me. Wanted to try something like it for a while now. Sleepy
i would love to play when im not at work, im excited to fight the bosses as a team, with this pack we would have all three major battle roles covered
i'd love to help out some more, if you'd have me, Toffman Smile im not an expert on any of the mods, but i can help more with the Ars magica pack if needed!
I think this is a brilliant idea. I know with the magic mods the rewards are greater but so are the dangers. Will you be posting on yoitube? H
ave a blast guys!

Sorry about the formatting. Posted from my crappy smartphone. Lol
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