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Full Version: Youtube SolitaryCraft Let's Play'ers
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Hey guys! Something I've wanted to do for a while is advertise people's youtube channels on here that are doing let's play of SolitaryCraft!

Number 1 we have...Myself and my cousin, Shed900 who recently have finished our first series and it ended quite well I think!

Astocky has started his Let's Play of the Magicality mod configuration including Ars Magica and a load of other magical mods! Check it out here:

Feromonas is for the Portuguese speaking people out there, he has over 800K subscribers and is without doubt the biggest youtuber playing SolitaryCraft out there so thanks for that Feromonas!

Firebullet LP has just finished his let's play for the german speaking people out there! Go over and show him some support!

Another Portuguese speaking LP'er here, relatively new only posting his first video 16 hours ago! NerDyxBlackJesus stand up Smile

the pack of mods Feromonas not working, not working treecapitator contains mods that does not have the series and lack mods containing the series, porfavor could fix the error?
I will look into the Feromonas pack tonight when I get some spare time hopefully Smile Treecapitator does work however you are only limited to using Golden Axes, it's part of the config file. I'm looking at changing that around a bit for the next version of Beta. Yes, there will be mods that are lacking from the series and there is additional mods as this is Minecraft 1.5.1 but I wanted to keep the theme of the pack Feromonas was playing. I was hoping that the 1.5.1 version of Feromonas' Pack would work with 1.4.7 but it was impossible to be able to do i'm afraid!
I'm looking to start a lets play soon...
I'm new to youtube and i need to find time because of school : /
But i'll let ya know if i have new material out and good job with the LP btw

edit* I will probly start when SC6 is out of beta
I have made my first vid....
its vanilla but its just a test to show my fps, quality, etc..

ENJOY working on uploading at 720p fyi

P.S. I was just wondering if u can give me some tips etc.. since im new

hope u like it '

link -->
Nice video Wink
I recently made my first episode of SC6 lets play
my channel: minerxman9
I have seen some clips on youtube of SolitaryCraft player, they are doing the amazing things, never seen before. They have practiced very much, have great skills.
Do you know who it was who played? Have you got a link at all?
We have a SolitaryCraft 6 let's play with 4 people working together.
Episode 1 is not on SC6, but episode 2 and beyond are. Come check us out!!!

EP. 1

EP. 2

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