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Full Version: 1.5.1 Server Update
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What is needed to get the Server updated to 1.5.1?

I think most of the "main" mods already got updated to 1.5.1 and RedPower seems to get more Competition lately through PowerCrystals MineFactory Reloaded RedNet and another Guy also started a Mod centered on Redstone Logics. The one Mod that will cause headaches again is IC2 it seems and unfortunately TC3 is not yet uptodate for 1.5.1 and might take some time. Even then, we already have Mystcraft and i think if some mod adds new Blocks to worldgen we could create a "default" mining Age which could be reset from time to time.

Whats your opinion? I'm asking cause the games I played yet start to get boring Wink

PS: this is atleast planned for the Rednet:
It looks as awesome as hell and a bit like those StarGate terminal thingies they place their crystals in *g*. And its even open source.
i'm glad you showed me this page. I've actually never seen this before, i remember minefactory being in The Astocky Pack a while back. I'll try get something sorted fr the end of this week that gets this stuff in the pack Smile

As for Redwood I can't really do anything until I can speak with Alan, I do keep popping on Mumble but he doesn't seem to be on much at the moment. As soon as I can get hold of him I'll discuss with him about putting something together and like you said, we have mystcraft that we can re-gen some new ores. I'm looking forward to getting back on a server again! It's been too long!
I spend too much time looking at mods and not playing them Tongue
So, you are suggesting to update the server like right now? or just asking what else we need for update? to be honest I think we can update right now and start playing, and mods with generation can be done in myscraft, but as of the past experience with mystcraft, it was very unstable and we were avoiding using it :/. So I don't really know. Me and Agne are waiting for this server to be updated so that we can play again, but if sever will get unstable again, we might again create our own private server, with alot less mods.
Ben I have a favour to ask. Covert Jaguar (hopefully) fixed the texture issues between Millenaire and Buildcraft
I was wondering if a build could be compiled from this as Redwood will have Millenaire and buildcraft in it and we need to be able to see those textures properly! lol

and Slow, I doubt it will be until the end of this week at the earliest especially if I can't get hold of Alan, we aren't using every mod in Redwood this time I don't think either. Without speaking to Alan first I dont know what we are doing should always contain the latest build Wink
shame...didn't fix it
(15-04-2013 03:12 PM)Haighyorkie Wrote: [ -> ]shame...didn't fix it

From what i can tell of the Github code it only fixed liquid textures inside pipes.
i totaly agree with al of this what you guys said
it think its an awesome plan

so we are alowed to use mystcraft a little
i dont think "we" are allowed to use mystcraft (hey server lag, i can already see you!), i think an admin creates one or two ages and thats it....
yeah, lag could be a big problem with mystcraft and I would think that admins have all the power when it comes to that Tongue

I'm going to start putting a pack together for people to join a personal server of mine for the time being until I can get in touch with Alan. then I can discuss with Alan about moving the world file over if we wish to do that.It does mean however that the server wont be open 24-7 until it gets on Redwood but it will allow us to start playing and having a bit of fun with the new mods!
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