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Full Version: ATLauncher came up with remembering passwords error?
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I started my ATLauncher and it said I shouldn't remember passwords as they could get into the hands of bad people. Should I be worried? This has never come up on me and I 'm why it has started now?
It's started now as we put a warning in. It's always done it if you used the remember password box, we're just alerting people to the fact that if someone gets your computer or you install a bad mod, they may be able to use the info to get your password.

There is no security issues, nothing has been hacked, your account is fine, we're just doing this to inform people of the possible dangers and leave the user to make their own decisions. We aren't our users mothers, everyone can choose after seeing the prompt if they wish to continue or not.

The Remember option when adding an account is a convenience feature, and if you wish to take the risk knowing that if someone steals your computer they may be able to find your password, then you can leave it enabled. If your worried about it in any way shape or form, simply unselect the box and you'll just need to enter your password every time you start an instance.

The choice is there for users to make
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