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Full Version: Ultra hardcore survival mod & cursed earth
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Anyone else getting issues with cursed earth not spawning mobs? I have used it many times before and know what it does/how to use it in other packs. Even upon completing the ritual usually a ton of mobs spawn, for some reason 0 spawned in this pack. Yes, mode = normal, no torches 'magnum'. I even have set up several dark rooms and no spawn near or far 'aka 23 blocks away' except the normal 1-2 mob spawns from darkness. Is there a file I can edit that I can insert text to make it work properly?
cursed earth currently does not work according to wyld's stream, I hope this will be fixed in the next release
Does anyone know what the actual problem is?

I'd love to be able to fix this myself if a patch doesn't come soon.
i been having problems i put the ram up to 4k but it crashes at puts me back to the at lacher Angry so someone plz help
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