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If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on what to add/take out of the SolitaryCraft pack then let me know in this thread!
i had this in the last forum but with the change to this one it was lost and google cache did not save the post so here it is again slightly different as i forgot what exactly i said. =D
hey just wanted to let you know that my favorite mod Dynamic Elevators has been passed on to a new mod developer and is now in beta for the new minecraft. if you havent had a chance to play around with it back in 1.2.5 then i would suggest looking into it.

here is the new home of the mod:

this is a great mod and would go well with your mod pack. its also only needs 3 block id's thus is extremely easy to set up. i personally have used it in all mod packs i have used and have had no trouble with it at all.

as always keep up the good work, stay safe, and keep it easy!

ArmorStatusHUD... just shows the durability of your tools and armor when you use them Smile

also a personal thing...
monster spawn Highlighter... good for checking if you have lit up your house properly Smile
it a cool mod. it add a lot of thing to the game new tools,ore,block,and mobs
also it is great for designing your home.
I would like to suggest some kind of energy converter for BC <-> IC2

There are quite a few around at

This one seems to be pretty active

but probably any of them will do.
Power Converters - Atomic Stryker. I miss being able to make EU with water.
(13-12-2012 04:45 PM)zone22 Wrote: [ -> ]I recommend adding Twilight Forest

I would like some feedback on adding the Twilight Forest mod. My user base migrated from FTB. I told them I wanted the support community and we could have virtually the same experience, and more using SolitaryCraft. I realize now I promise something I may not be able to keep. My users are pressing me to add it, and I've tried, and there's conflicts with Dungeon Pack 1.4.4 v2 (Duplicate IDs). Is there any hope for the future that will be supported?

On a totally unrelated note, I have another suggestion.
It's up to you whether or not to implement it but my users commented on it, and I said I'd pass along. Regarding updating your launcher. It seems my user base things you're adding new content or updating mods every update. This generates lots of questions to which I have to say, look at the "change log". They suggest silently updating mod URLs and creating a separate change log for URLs. I told them to let it go, that the effort to implement and maintain that would outweigh the benefits, but I said I'd pass it along.
Zone, I thank you for migrating over, a lot of work has gone into getting it this far. I'm afraid that the Twilight forest mod wont be added into my pack in the future however Dungeon pack will be leaving my pack so if you wish to manually put in Twilight forest then that is fine however remember that you must manually re-add it when there are updates. Can I ask where you speak with this base of people, it would be nice to look and see what they are saying so I can gauge what people like.

I'll explain quickly here how my update procedure works. When people have been trying to install SC5 they can see what version they are installing so when a link doesn't work and they are forced to quit if I weren't to put that into the changelog and release it as a new version they would think that nothing has changed. I have 4 different numbers in my versioning. The the whole version of it, I doubt this will change until 1.5. the second, at the moment 0, is for adding/removing of mods, the third, at the moment 11 is reserved for changing of url's and the last is if everything is ok with the previous 3 numbers but I make a config change then that number will change too. Using this your community should be able to see what, if anything, has been updated for them
(16-12-2012 03:56 PM)Haighyorkie Wrote: [ -> ]Can I ask where you speak with this base of people, it would be nice to look and see what they are saying so I can gauge what people like.

You're welcome. We don't have any fourms my community exists on my mumble server, most of which are off on vacation. My community is small consisting five or six people the limits of my servers residential internet connection. Once the holidays are over and then I can gather them online. I'll p.m. you with the mumble details and I'll set up a Q&A.
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