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Full Version: [MAP] Solitary Asylum
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Hey guys Haighyorkie here!

I have run SolitaryCraft since it's inception back almost a year ago now. I remember the first SolitaryCraft being as the name suggested, it was all about mining and pretty much being alone and pottering about by yourself. Inficraft was a great mod but ultimately unstable in the end (and most of the items you got didn't seem to have a use)

I've gone through 4 other versions since then up until the SC6 we have now. I've always been open to suggestions and i've always been open with the developments of SC (see all the BETA versions that SC6 has gone through) I've learned a lot about mods along the journey and even had a crack at making my own (which wasn't too bad IMHO, it has since been taken over by a legend, Bstramke, though due to time constraints). Not only have I learned a lot about mods but i've learned a lot about the minecraft community and after speaking to quite a lot of mod makers...i've learned a lot about mod makers too. All of it has culminated in SC6 so far, I thought it was time to gather that experience (and with some nudging from Bstramke) and finally start an Official SolitaryCraft Map.

There are so many mods in SolitaryCraft that selecting a small enough mod list whilst still keeping things unique was pretty difficult. Still now we add and take things away as we are testing. Eventually though we got there with a list (not sure if they will all be used) and we started building.

Ladies and gentlemen I would like to announce to you that we are working on a SolitaryCraft Map simply called 'Solitary Asylum'

The story is that you are locked up in an Asylum and you have to escape. It's not a hack and slash but takes more of an FTB type style to things with a lot of differences (so as to not just straight out copy) The idea is that you use the resources you can to create items to unlock doors and areas of the prison to progress through. When all area's are complete you can then escape and start a life living off the Minecraft land in peace and freedom.

I've made it sound easier than it will be. Be prepared to sink hours into a map like this. It has so much content and gameplay, keys that open specific doors to more riches, implements many of the 'Smaller Mods' in SolitaryCraft, it's got a maze, a story and much more to see and do as we go along building.

I'll leave you with a little spoiler. Greg Tech.
Sounds great. Definitely something I am looking forward to. Since I am pretty much worthless around the forums Big Grin I mine as well do something. So... If you need any help coming up with ideas of what to include in the map feel free to ask me.
This map is looking good so far! i think its a really cool idea to start a custom map for solitary craft i don't think anyone really has done anything like it for the modpack.
" It's not a hack and slash but takes more of an FTB type style"

Stop swearing ffs
Just for your info, we are currently in playtesting and ironing out issues ;-)
Does that mean it is near being finished? No hurry just wondering because play testing means near finished... I think Smile
Sounds like a lot of fun!
We are looking at different things and making sure they work ok from start to finish. This map isn't by an means going to take a few hours. I would estimate that this map will take days (solid hours btw) to finish from start to finish without cheating in some way and that's playing it multiplayer!

Once playtesting has finished we are resetting the map and implementing our notes to make sure everything is going to be smooth for the players. Once we've fixed the few problems that we are having and oversights we've done then the map will be available Smile It will be running off SolitaryCraft version

We will be giving you guys regular updates and teasers into the map starting with this one! :
Toff... you are a tease... Smile
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