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Full Version: Another Redwood Adventure
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Howdy all,

First off I realise this is not a Solitary Craft thing but this is the best place for it.

I am looking to start a team/casual playing on Guns of Icarus It is currently £14.99 on steam for 4 copies so when & if we do this please consider others & your overall wallet if you wish to play this.

Here is a short run down of the plans
  • Only open to current Redwood members
  • Choose what you wish to do in the Poll & please post a reply in this thread with any thoughts. We only have till the 22nd of May to make our purchases.
  • Must be a heavy team player, if I have any doubts I will make a decision not to involve you
  • Must have mic & able to talk due to team playing.
  • This will be live streamed/recorded for youtubes
  • When we do arrange this you must be able to buy 4 copies (please do not rush into this and arrange who you will be buying copies for.

I hope to have a great group of people together to play this, at least 8 would be amazing.

Just to note I will be buying an initial batch of 4 & gifting to Alan, Haighyorkie & Andy/Kerstie(depends on who of these want to play)

Redwood has always been known to play a lot of games in the past & it would be great to get everyone here involved in the overall redwood community.


Ahh bugger missed it. Looks like fun Sad oh well didn't have the money for it at the moment anyway
Missed what?

This is still happening and the steam sale is still on.

My copies have now been handed out to Haighyorkie,Bob & Dutch as Alan already has a copy.

If more people are up for this I am sure we can get another batch of 4 arranged.
i will be able to buy a four pack, just have to put the money on my debit card, so it will be tomorrow, so just let me know who needs a copy
Hold fire on that one untill late today, alan will be buying another 4 pack so we need to distribute them
ok will do just let me know if you need another set. wonder if we should start a steam group for the server for stuff like this
i would love to join to but i won't be able to buy a four pack and im not in the redwood server Sad
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