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Full Version: yogscast complete pack texture pack problem
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This is my first post here,

I created a yogscast complete pack server for me and some friends. Really fun! Now we wanted to add a texture pack: spahx texture pack. Cause it looks good Smile
Problem is when i put the url in the file,
It breaks the link when you start up the server. We also tried to upload the zip file to my friends website with a direct link to it. Still doesnt work. I've been searching the net for info but can't seem to find the problem or how to solve it. All the info is welcome.
Hope you guys can help!
As far as I know you need to place the resource pack zip in the server folder, then set the zip's name in the file. External links don't work.
In the resource pack folder of the server or the server folder itself? Gonna try this when i get home. Thx for the help.
In the main server folder, i. e. next to the file.
(18-07-2014 10:15 AM)dgelessus Wrote: [ -> ]In the main server folder, i. e. next to the file.

my server is in ATlauncher minecraft>server>yogscastcompletepack_2921EXPYOGS
i put the zip file in there and then completely copied the name and put it in the file. didin't work
You need to include only the name of the zip file, not the entire path to it. If there are any spaces in the name, you should remove them, just in case. Also try adding (or leaving out) the .zip suffix in the setting.
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