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Full Version: SOLITARY CRAFT Hardcore quest mode book - NEED VOLUNTEERS!!
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As you guys may know there is now hardcore quest mode in Alpha8 of this pack. This is NOT a quest option. I plan on using this to set out tutorials on the mods that are in SolitaryCraft by the use of goals within the book. The progression through use of completing quests makes it a very powerful tool to teach people how to get through a mod they know nothing about.

Whilst i'm good at some mods, i'm not great at others and do require help when it comes to some of the mods and this is where you guys come in! Do you think you know a mod inside out enough to help me make the quest/tutorial for SolitaryCraft? Then let me know what you'd like to take on in this thread. Please read the following first:

This is a community effort. It's important it's written in English, in clear and concise steps. Imagine a 3 year old is reading it, be very clear with how you describe things.
If you aren't sure on a particular part of the mod you've offered to cover then either learn it or don't put yourself up for it in the first place!

It will work as follows. I obviously have the master config for this, i'm the one that puts it into that pack so everything will be checked by me first. If you put yourself up for doing a tutorial/quest line for a particular mod then I will send you the file. You will have, at most, a week to complete the quest line. I'd love to give people longer but it's going to take a while as it stands anyway. Once you have finished with the quest line, save the config file and send me it back, from there it will go to the next person for the next mod and so on and so on. Speed is key but it also needs to be done properly. If it isn't done properly there's a good chance it wont be put into the final pack for everyone to enjoy.

IMPORTANT; THE FINAL MODSET HASN'T YET FINISHED MODS MAY (AND PROBABLY WILL) BE REMOVED AT ANY POINT. Once that is finished, and i'm working on that now, then will be the stage at which we can start making the tutorials! Big Grin
Im not sure there is a mod I know inside out, some are closer than others. The ones I might be able to get completely familiar with, are: AetherCraft, Applied Energistics, Bibliocraft, Enderstorage, Ironchests and/or Lycanites mobs, (also Chisel, but I dont know if that needs its own quest? Tongue)
I hope this helps you,
Cheers, Smile
I'm definitely up for helping out. Like I said, I'm decently savvy with Ex Nihilo and Tinker's, among others, and I'm willing to learn anything I don't already know if you need me to.
I'll be up to testing quest lines created by others.
damunzy, whilst that's great, testing quest lines is done by people who play the pack after they have been created Tongue

Born Naked: I'm not entirely sure that AetherCraft is staying in the pack in it's current state. That's the mod that causes the horrendous world time loads which is both annoying and not right, it should get fixed. If you start with Iron Chests and BiblioCraft we can go from there? I'll inbox you my skype name so I can transfer the file to you and vice versa when it's finished.

Finvara: That's also awesome news! I made a primitive start on Tinkers but feel free to finish that off! Also Ex nihilo would be great. Once i've got the file back from Born Naked i'll be sure to send it along to you. Again i'll inbox you my skype, if you dont have that we can sort something else out Smile
(10-08-2014 10:39 AM)Haighyorkie Wrote: [ -> ]damunzy, whilst that's great, testing quest lines is done by people who play the pack after they have been created Tongue
Putting in a quest that is only tested by the author of the quest might not be a good idea- it could lead to reports of "HQM is broke" two cents.
that can be fixed in updates Smile Remember that this is still only alpha, it's nowhere ner ready. It's better to have hundreds of testers rather than just one and then fix in upcoming versions if there are problems
I want to volunteer on a quest line I have no work no school next week (25-29 Aug.)
so I will se what people come up with and will continue the quest for learning
I am in modding for over 3 years now, got some nice fantasy and always in for teaching and helping people

so yea hope to hear soon of ya
greetings Tom
Toff, are there any mods that you have already written the quests for? Are you taking on Thaumcraft/Botania yourself? Could we perhaps get an updated list of which mods are already covered? I know quite a few mods well enough to help but I need to know what else needs work before I know if I'll have the time to turn it around within that time frame.
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