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Full Version: Natural Magic - Bad delay in actions in Multiplayer
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Recently noticed that the Natural Magic pack had updated to include a bunch of mods which I particularly like, things like Ars Magica, Thaumcraft, Blood Magic, Witchery, Magical Crops, and more.. I play with a group of friends, and we decided to give it a shot and see if we could get a server working. I set one up first, and then connected. Mine was fine, because I was the host, but both friends received roughly 2 minute delay in any actions they performed. We tried some things to fix it but didn't find any good solutions. At this point, we tried with one of my friends hosting the server instead. Same issue - His works fine because he is the host, but I and the other friend get 2 minute delay in actions.

The issue is only happening in the Natural Magic pack, as far as I can tell. It has not happened with any of the other packs that we have tried so far. We only found one solution - the solution is to disable monster and animal spawns - for some reason, this removes the delay. But what I am looking for is a better solution, one that does not involve playing without any other living thing other than the players, because that is just dumb and boring. Has anyone had anything like this? Google has not helped find anything else so far.

I'm.. not really sure where I would look to find a log of this sort of thing, since as far as I know it isn't spamming errors anywhere or anything like that..

Mind you, the three players involved in this, myself and two friends, do live in different areas and have a little variety as far as computer parts go - I am convinced that none of that is part of the problem, because we have never had any issues with it before, and it isn't an ISP issue either, the problem seems isolated to this mod pack, and turning off monster/animal spawns removes the problem.

TL;DR receiving horrible delay in Natural Magic pack in multiplayer, not exactly 'lag', and latency is fine, turning off spawns for monsters and animals fixes it, looking for a better solution. Any ideas?

On second thought, after playing in Singleplayer with the modpack for a while and experiencing a variety of crashes at random moments from random actions or item-uses, I think I've determined that Natural Magic as a pack is just too unstable to be worth using, currently. Cheers.
Interestingly enough, the problem as described above is also happening with Resonant Rise. Not sure if it might be one of the mods we have selected, or one of the ones that comes with it naturally. But it still basically comes down to.. There is no delay in Peaceful mode, but when hostile mobs are introduced and are spawning, the delay is around a minute. S'not good.
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