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Full Version: Natrual Magic Server on Mac
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I have attempted to set up a natural magic server, but to no avail. I have spent approximately 2 hours reading every server help request on this forum. I have looked at countless video tutorials and other websites. I'm on a mac and I have tried 2 different start.command formats. I was able to get the server running on the minecraft.jar file but not the forge(string of numbers and letters signifying the version).jar. When I attempt to start the server using the forge.jar file other files such as ops.txt or are not generated. However, when I use minecraft.jar they are. I am running my server through hamachi. (If you think port forwarding is better please refrain from telling me so until after the server problem is dealt with.) On the minecraft.jar the mods are listed as working, but they clearly are not. I cannot make the twightlight forest portal. All non vanilla weapons do the same amount of damage as an empty hand (I assume because they do not register as a weapon.) Most of the time any non vanilla item just vanishes from my inventory whenever I try to use it. I have so many error logs and crash reports I don't know which ones to post. If you can help me in any way please do. Tell me which logs you need to see and I will post them. FYI the problem isn't because of lag or any hardware incapabilities. I have exhausted every option. Please help.

Thanks, Dylan
Just provide any logs called something like ForgeModLoader. Else if there are none then provide the output from running the .sh script or command file from the Terminal, making sure if you do post logs you post them as stated at and not copy paste into the post.
Here are the logs from the .command file. I couldn't get the forge.jar to even open.
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