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Full Version: Redwood Server Recruitment Apply Here (Now 16+)
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The server is OPEN once more to invites. Please read below and answer the simple questions.

If I do not get back to you quick its because I work nights so bear with me.

If you do not wish to leave your details in the forum you can private message me.

Haighyorkies vid on our recruitment drive. Worth watching. So Watch it Smile

Redwood Recruitment

We are looking for people who can have fun, laugh, don't mind friendly banter and micky taking. Also for time being 16+ due to the general feeling of current server members. As we do listen to comments and sugestions.

Griefing people can be dealt with through the launcher and in very extreme cases can be banned from using it. It's not funny, I don't get the appeal of it, and to be honest I can't stand it. We want a fun, hassel free server. Which we have.

We also require you to use Mumble when on the server. You don't have to chat it just helps if we have problems and verify your age if needed. If you login to the Minecraft Server without being on Mumble you will get warned and then kicked/banned

Lastly if you do not hear from me either we have managed to get enough people for the time being or you didn't answer the questions. I don't have time to reply to everyone. But I will be keeping a list for future reference. We already have had several new members in the last week due to me going thru the old list on the forum and Haighs YT vid.

1. In game name. Needed to add you to pack / server list.
2. Email address. So I can contact you. No email me not going think about inviting.
3. Age. 16+ only for the time being. Please don't try to fool us either. You will be Banned.
4. Location just the country will do.

If you have a YouTube channel that you post vids too or maybe you stream games lets us know.
IGN: jm2003
Email: *removed after application aproval*
Age: 19
Location: England, UK
IGN: jumpingjack42
Email: *removed after application aproval*
Age: 41
Location: England, UK
1. In game name. factorcore
2. Email address. *removed after application aproval*
3. Age. 29
4. Location United States
Thanks for the applications guys! I'll poke bob and get him onto this page straight away Smile
ermmm poked... i will sort you all out shortly.... sorry for the delay but i work nights...
1. Franticjaymz
2. *removed after application aproval*
4. Uk
A newt? Well, I go' Be' 'er!
1. Bochri
2. *removed after application aproval*
3. 33
4. Denmark
1. In game name. boyd2658
2. *removed after application aproval*
3. Age 19
4. Location. United States
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