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Full Version: Lag Spikes
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Redwood server modpack + solitarycraft

I'm not getting a crash, but when playing on both SMP (the redwood server) and if I load the pack in single player I get a huge lag spike every 5 seconds or so that makes the pack unplayable. The spike pauses the game for about 3 seconds.

Anyone else had this issue and solved it? I tried the solitarycraft pack and that does just the same. Never had any problems with FTB or Tekkit, even with some of the bigger mod packs.

For reference I have 1gig graphics card, 4 gig memory, quad core 2.7 processor and looking at the memory it's not problem - the pack uses only half the memory allocated.

I'm presuming it's a mod inside both packs, hopefully a client one that I can remove, but without experimenting it's hard to judge. Obviously I'll do that, but if it's a known issue then any help would be appreciated.
I used to have this issue with a dying graphics card. But no not a known issue I don't think, you'll have to remove mods one at a time
It was me being a numpty and not allocating memory in the settings section lol
Did you try the string from the email i sent you. That should help too if you have still getting problems.
Lag spikes often mean not enough memory, as you discovered. The new ATLauncher version should allocate half your system's memory instead of the measly 500mb from before though.
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