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Full Version: Redwood News
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We have decided to lower the age limit on the Redwood Server to 16+

Go Here To Apply....

The main Redwood Server will be updated to 1.6.2 soon.
We also now running a Magicality and TerrafirmaCraft servers.

We also helping out on Haighyorkies new lets play vids. You maybe asked to help out too.
If you have not seen Haighs new vids go here
Redwood is now updating to 1.6.4

We are currently testing the pack, trying to iron out any problems.

So far its going well.

Big thank you to those that helped put the pack together and for testing.

I am not doing any invites at this time while we are testing the 1.6.4 pack out.
The first Beta is released and on the server....

206 mods installed Smile
Redwood 1.6.4 goes live Wednesday 20th November 2013 at 10am GMT

There will be some invites going out as well tomorrow.


Anyone playing on the server will be required to use Mumble and be in mumble chat while on the server. No exceptions.
You do not have chat/listen if you do not wish too as long as you are in mumble.
Due to the server being moved to its new home and awaiting a little update(due to our wonderful server owner Demon). Plus Christmas (grrr) and work (grrrrrrrr)

Ive not had the time to look at applications, will get back to it in a day or too.
For those that have asked for invites to the server and are still waiting to hear back, sorry but been real busy.

The server has just been updated over the last week, its also been moved to a new home.

I will be going thru the list and looking to see which people I get to pick Smile
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